Aashish Kambhaladinne; The 17-year-old Entrepreneur with a Business Mind.

Aashish Kambhaladinne;  The 17-year-old Entrepreneur with a Business Mind.

It is known that achieving success in some area of life does not have a specific age or stage to achieve it, but if the individual possesses a talent and develops it, then of course he will achieve great success, especially if he possesses a good amount of ambition to insist on the completion of the process and reach the highest levels of success.
Aashish Kambhaladinne, a young teen who became an entrepreneur who had taken the path of success early, Aashish was born on (11/15/2003) in Lowell, Massachusetts. He has many talents and has a knack for marketing merchandise. He is an accomplished sneaker dealer and through his ingenuity he has achieved rapid success. In the beginning, he was just a student who was going to his school to study only, but later on he had other goals in his going.
Aashish used to see his old classmates who was older than him they selling shoes at school, and what caught Aashish's attention was that his fellow merchants were wearing new and trendy shoes and that was because they had made money from that trade. Then Aashish wanted to do the same experiment to see if he would succeed in this field or not.

 So he started at the beginning of the matter by buying some sports shoes and selling them at the school at slightly higher prices, and after a period of work, Aashish start had customers and many requests for his goods, and was youngers from outside his school contacting him in order to buy what he sold From sneakers, and the advantage of Aashish is that it targets trendy, modern and rare shoes.
Aashish saw that his work was starting to bear fruit, so he decided to expand his field by using social media and created a page dedicated to his work on Instagram Curryresell , And it increased his followers in it until he exceeded  2,000 followers in a short period, and his goods and trade began to reach the whole world, until the matter reached the attention of some famous people and artists which make them bought also.
Aashish Kambhaladinne, a young man with high and excellence talents, and as is the case with most entrepreneurs, achieving their success starts from some small enterprises until they become major entrepreneurs. Therefore, Aashish, with his determination to succeed, is a candidate to be one of the major traders and entrepreneurs in the near future.