Aashish Kambhaladinne; The Teenage Entrepreneur.

Aashish Kambhaladinne;  The Teenage Entrepreneur.

 Success has no specific age or time. In the past, life was a little complicated, but now in our days everything has become easy, even trade has become accessible to everyone, old and young. There are many ways to make money, only we have to follow the labor market and the market need, and social media has taken a large space in this field and has become an important factor in the field of trade.
Due to the development of technology, the world has become completely open and easy to access, and among those who have been able to exploit all these factors with cleverness and sophistication, teenage entrepreneur Aashish Kambhaladinne.
Aashish is a young man born (11/15/2003) in Lowell, Massachusetts.
Aashish has a commercial mind, as you may see that he does not have enough experience in life because of his age, but Aashish has achieved the success that every one of us dreams of, old and young. This ambitious young man saw some of his older adults working in the shoe trade at the school he was studying at, and  they were wearing some beautiful shoes that they were buying from profit and which Aashish could not buy like them, so Aashish felt that he could work like them and maybe Competing with them, so he decided to start his career by buying some sports shoes and selling them at his school as well ....
 After that, Aashish saw that he was making some profit from that work, so he decided to expand his business and spread his goods through social media, which made his work grow and exceed the limits of his school to the whole world, and he also took advantage of the scarcity of some sports shoes and the high demand for them, so he became procurement it for his customers or He puts it on social media for those looking for such rare sneakers, in addition to an offer of exclusive shoes. Aashish's business expanded until he bought some famous people from him, for example the artist iamtherealak was among his clients.
This business-minded young man knew how to manipulate the supply and demand chain, and make his money by following fashion, trends and customer behavior.
Aashish Kambhaladinne has been the owner of Curryresell since December 2017, related to streetwear and sneakers at the best prices, he has over 2000 followers on Instagram and the number is growing!