I Wanted to Keep My Black Friday Wish List to Myself, But Here You Go

Sneak peek ahead.

I Wanted to Keep My Black Friday Wish List to Myself, But Here You Go

To be honest, I wanted to keep my Black Friday shopping list to myself because I don’t want the items on it to see out, but it turns out I’m actually going to share the pieces that have landed on my wish list. I’m a fashion editor, so there's plenty of new clothing, shoes, and accessories that have landed on it, but also some of the key beauty items I regularly use and want to restock.

My fashion picks range from investment buys to affordable finds, on-trend pieces to cool basics. The common theme? They’re all items I’ve had sitting in my cart but want to wait to buy until the Black Friday deals hit. For the beauty items, I’m only recommending the things I’ve put to the test myself and think deserve a place in your medicine cabinet. Ahead, shop my top Black Friday shopping picks—I just hope they don’t sell out quickly so I can still scoop them up myself.

It's about time I added some cowboy boots into my closet.

The sunglasses every fashion person owns.

I live in oversize button-downs, so I'm eyeing this blue version.

The shoes of my dreams.

I'm not usually a print person but I'll make an exception for this stunning cardigan.

Turns out I'm a sock addict these days.

The perfect amount of chunky, in my opinion.

Velvet makes everything feel a bit more luxe.

I actually ordered this dress already, but just need to share some love for it because it's that good.

These had me at cashmere.

I still don't own a pair of chunky rubber boots and need to change that.

Leather bombers are taking over and I want in.

A.W.A.K.E. MODE does it again.

Okay, Prada—I'm officially obsessed.

Yes to all the cutouts.

The denim silhouette I need in my closet.

Trying to get my hands on all things Daniel Lee x Bottega Veneta right now.

My future holiday party dress.

The collab of the season.

I never leave home without this lip liner.

Yep, $65 for hand wash is a big splurge, but it's worth every penny. The scent is intoxicating.

I've been using this micellar water for over a decade and it's still one of the most essential beauty products I own.

I just ran out and it's taking all of my will power to hold off on ordering a replacement.

This stuff actually melts makeup away.

I discovered this chemical exfoliant on Instagram and was skeptical that it would actually transform my skin If you need more proof that this stuff is basically skin magic, there are over 47,000 reviews to convince you.

A permanent face scrub in my shower.

The candle I'm addicted to and want in every room of my apartment.

I don't go outside unless this is slathered on.

The face cream.

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