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Channel disaster: Kurdish woman is first victim identified

Maryam Nuri Mohamed Amin was a 24-year-old Kurdish woman from northern Iraq.

Covid: US joins EU in restricting flights from southern...

Flights from eight African nations to be blocked as new variant is classified as being "of concern".

Covid: Swiss vote on ending restrictions while cases surge

Sunday's referendum is held in a country with one of the lowest vaccination rates in Western Europe.

Ros Atkins on... Migrants crossing English Channel to UK

This week at least 27 migrants died while trying to make the journey, the deadliest crossing on record.

Covid: New variant classed 'of concern' and named Omicron

The World Health Organization says the variant has a large number of mutations, some are concerning.

Russia-Ukraine border: Why Moscow is stoking tensions

The Kremlin is sending the West a message, but how big a risk is there of conflict?

Winter Olympics 2022: Athletes get ready for Games

Just a short journey from Beijing, athletes are training for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Chongli.

Kenya tree felling sparks anger over Nairobi's new highway

Some 4,000 young and mature trees face being cut down to make way for a Chinese-financed project.

Covid: Conspiracy and untruths drive Europe's Covid protests

Amid some legitimate concerns, misinformation and extreme views are radicalising people to violent protest.

Covid variant: Reaction to new rules on travel from southern...

Travellers at Cape Town airport respond to new UK quarantine measures over Covid variant.

New Covid variant: South Africa's pride and punishment

South Africans feel they are paying the price for their ability to monitor new Covid variants.

Russian coal mine: Dozens killed in Siberia accident

Fifty-one deaths have been confirmed in Russia's worst mining disaster in a decade.

Coronavirus: EU to block flights after Belgium new variant...

The WHO holds an urgent meeting over a Covid variant in southern Africa, as EU calls for flight ban.

Ukraine-Russia conflict: Zelensky alleges coup plan involving...

He says an alleged plan to overthrow his government comes amid threats of a Russian invasion.

Channel migrants: Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson clash...

The French president accuses the UK prime minister of not being serious as diplomatic row escalates.

Quiz of the week: Why did Boris Johnson like Peppa Pig...

How closely have you been paying attention to what's been going on during the past seven days?

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